Setting Facebook Business Goals

Small Business Goals for Facebook


Attract an audience and build relationships online.

Boost your presence online to help raise awareness for your business. You can use Facebook to let more people discover what you do and think of your brand when it's time to buy.


Reach more customers near your shop.

Connect with more people in your neighbourhood to increase in-store traffic and local sales. You can promote your local business with Facebook by updating your accounts, advertising to the right people and refining your campaigns.


Get more shoppers and grow your online sales.

Boost your online sales by reaching people where they're already discovering the things they love. See how Facebook can help you turn casual shoppers into loyal customers.


Add live chat to your website with Messenger.

Facebook Chat Plugin helps you generate sales by supporting customers while they browse your website — and it’s free. With live chat powered by Messenger, you can provide personalized assistance and build stronger relationships to grow your business.


Establish a presence for your business online.

An online presence can help you raise awareness for your business, find more customers and increase both online and local sales. Learn more about which Facebook platform is right for your business goals.


Take the work out of online lead generation.

Make it easier for people to enquire about your product or service, and get more sales leads. Learn how you can use Facebook ads for lead generation to let interested customers introduce themselves.

Goals for Creators on Facebook


Sell More

You've built a presence. You've found your audience. Now you're ready to start selling merch. Facebook ads reach people across Facebook, Instagram and beyond, creating serendipitous moments for people to discover the products you create that they can't live without.


Advertise your Page, account, website or channel.

Building a fan base is about finding the people who love what you do. Use Facebook ads to reach people who are more likely to remember you and become long-term followers.


Find new ways to earn money with your content.

Whether you're creating videos or publishing to a blog, Facebook monetisation tools help you earn more money.

Enterprise Goals for Facebook


Encourage people to return to your website and take action.

With the right remarketing tools, you can inspire people who have visited your business, website or app to take action or make a purchase.


Sell more on your website and directly through Facebook apps.

Whether you want to increase sales on your website or create seamless in-app shopping experiences, Facebook helps you use machine learning to get the right products in front of the right people at the right time. Reaching more shoppers is the first step to turning them into loyal customers.


Make your large business or brand stand out online.

Grow awareness for your business to help more people discover your brand and fall in love with what you have to offer. Building brand awareness helps potential customers think of you when it's time to buy.

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