Product Packaging

Make a strong first impression on your consumers with professionally designed packaging for your products. We pay close attention to details while crafting a look for your products while keeping your brand and your target audience in mind.

Design to communicate

Functions of Product Packaging

We believe packaging design has to be functional but that never stops us from creating something aesthetically pleasing easily creating an emotional connect with the audience. Presentation plays a crucial role in purchase-decision and brand perception. On the shelf at a retail store your product packaging is the sole ambassador of your brand and we make sure it is a positive one.



The primary and obvious function of packaging is to contain the product, essential for the efficient transportation, storage and distribution of the product and facilitate stock-keeping and merchandising.



By placing an effective barrier between the product and the environment, the package protects the product from physical, chemical, microbial and macrobial attack from the exterior and thus has a decisive effect on the shelf life of the product.



Adapting the size of the package to the needs of particular consumer groups (family size, individual, special sizes for food service delivery etc.) is one of the steps taken by industry to enhance product convenience through the package.



In addition to communicating all the required information, packaging is key in telling your brand story to the comsumer and highly impacts their perception. Text and graphics serve the purpose of product and brand identification and product promotion.

Good Design Essentials

Packaging Design Guidelines


Hue | Saturation | Contrast

Color Palette

People decide whether or not they like a product in 90 seconds or less. 90% of that decision is based solely on color. So, a very important part of our designing focuses on color. When you're scanning the shelves of cans and bottles and trying to find your six-pack of Coke, what do you look for? The scripted logo or that familiar red can?

We usually opt for a brand-consistent, visually appealing color palette while aware of the emotions those colors can evoke in the human mind using color theory.

Style | Appearance | Structure


In addition to conveying product information to the consumer, good typography also enhances the character of the product and evokes emotional responses in our minds. Our style is to keep the type simple by limiting to a maximum of two font families for packaging, it helps to keep the project concise and translates well with consumers as well. Doing too much is certainly a very real possibility when it comes to type and unless the brand voice requires it, we find it best to keep it uncluttered.


Durable | Secure | Sustainable


Choosing the best packaging for your new product can have a huge role in how successful it is when it hits store shelves. Cost may be your primary concern as you start your search process, but it’s vital that you weigh the other important factors. The right packaging material can help reduce breakage, product returns, tampering, spoilage and a slew of other things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Redhoney, package design is a collaborative process with our clients. We consider your target market, retail and competitive environment, brand personality, product functionality, and, of course, budget and timing factors to present ideas and develop packaging to meet all your goals.

While we are not a printer, we can help get your package printed. Even in low quantities most times. We do have the experience to guide you in the right direction, and help make early decisions to keep it cost efficient.

Competitive merchandising is critical to sales. We’ll help you thoroughly analyze your retail environment and develop unique packaging solutions that speak directly to your customer’s needs and outline immediate product benefits – the best way to sell any kind of product.

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