Arham Hygienix is an India based emerging startup engaged in cosmetic and healthcare products .

Aiming to create a lifestyle brand which epitomizes healthier life choices for individuals and society. Branding    |    Corporate Identity    |    Logo Design
About Project
Corporate Identity - Arham Hygienix

Arham hygienix is an unique start-up in an industry where most of their competitors are giant conglomerates. Everything for the brand requires extra attention to detail as your work is compared to the likes of J&J, Uniliver, P&G etc.

We delibrately chose to use very simple, old school assets for them as the clients felt mordern and funky designs will not be taken seriously by the market. The corporate logo uses the font 'unica' and the icon is a combination of a&h made to look like a swastika (revered in india).

Brand Experience
A sign of respect

The brand icon is subconsciously respected by all Indians. It conveys to all the stakeholders the values of the company while also representing the company's initials.
The positioning statement #HygieneOnTheGo clearly explaings the brands offerings. The brand aims to educate the masses of India about the importance and benefits of modern hygiene practices.

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