Arham Hygienix

New Delhi

Based out of New Delhi, India, Arham Hygienix is an emerging start-up which is engaged in manufacturing and trading of cosmetic and healthcare products. A brainchild of three partners, we here are promoting Puro a new-age hand gel with an innovative packaging that ensures protection from germs, anytime and anywhere. The name Puro has been conceptualized by combining "PURE" and "ON THE GO". To put it simply, it means having clean and uncontaminated hands while you're on the go. The idea of Puro came into existance after we personally felt the need of a handy pack of hand sanitizer. While travelling or otherwise, where ever there's an absence of proper hand washing facility, the need of a hand sanitizer is felt by one and all. Carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer is not always a convenient option.

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Corporate Presentation for Arham Hygienix
Delivers what is expected and more. The presentation is a crisp and precise product that communicates important details about the solutions provided by the Arham, highlighting their value proposition.

The presentation is a very clear and direct representation of the company and its offerings. It informs the audience about the company’s origin and it’s journey. It aims to inform the reader about the details of the brands, products and its benefits. We focussed the presentation specifically on the Arham’s innovative packaging, production technology and industry solutions. We’ve used the brand colours and designed with simple lines, which is in line with arham’s aesthetic. the design helps the reader stay interested yet doesn't distract from the content. The presentation is perfect to be used as a company profile and for marketing & sales.


best practices to engage potential B2B customers and partners


primary focus on brands, technology and industry solutions


kept the design very simple by using only straight lines and brand colours

We create premium designs and technology.

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A good brand presentation should be well researched with precise content for the intended audience. The design should represent the company colors and aesthetic to maintain the same brand identity. Such a presentation can be used for branding purposes or to build partner relations or for potential investors. Whoever is the reader, at Redhoney we believe a presentation should communicate the message precisely and the information concisely yet never look boring. Our designs are always engaging and fresh to help you get that first foot in the door.

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We’ve received many positive reactions from our business development team. The presentation has been key in lead generation and in closing of accounts. Very impressed by Redhoney’s effort they’ve put in every little detail.

Vikas Jain
Co-founder, Arham Hygienix
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