FOR8 is a passion project about the sibling states of North East India

A group of young folks with a common dream, to bring you the purest natural products from this pristine region some of us call home. Brand Identity    |    Logo Design
About Project
Brand Identity - FOR8 Superfoods

Brands are mental images in the mind of a target audience. It is a function of identification and differentiation. For8’s brand identity was created with the same intentions in mind. The mission of the company is to support the local farmers in north east India.

Brand Experience
Dedicated to the sister states

The business is FOR the 8 sister states. The Brand logo communicates the idealistic ideology of the company, the simplistic design and minimal straight lines capture the rustic realism of the producers of For8’s product line. It aims of the visual representation is to invoke an emotional and cognitive reaction in the target audience. The brand image created is unique and to maximize brand recall.

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