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BeePuro Wild forest natural honey collected (by the bee) from the nectar of flowers of medicinal Herbs of Himalayan forests. Being full of natural wild herbal nectar, its consumption helps heal peptic, gastritis, flatulence, heart burns, dry cough, sour throat, digestive disorder & relieves depression.


Arham Hygienix


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beepuro honey packaging
Packaging Design for a Honey Sachet
Innovative packaging design for Beepuro Wild Forest Honey

We designed an innovative packaging solution for our clients. Shaped like a honey jar with a simple three color design and with honey inspired elements.


Design themes and colours are used in accordance to the individual brands with cool modern backgrounds.


Basic e-commerce platform for enabling the brand to reach their potential customers.


Provides detailed information regarding the products and highlights its USP.

There’s been a very positive reaction to the website from all our stakeholders. Customers can immediately see all our products and their benefits. Redhoney did a wonderful job in highlighting the company as a whole.
Vikas Jain, Co-Founder Arham Hygienix
beepuro packaging
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