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Wear Jukebox

Fashion forward millennial and fitness enthusiasts now have a new place to be, they are now a part of the Juke Revolution. At Jukebox, we have a mélange of fashion forward styles blended with supreme quality active wear designed with utmost care and passion. JukeBox is the one-stop solution for women gym wear at prices that shout value for money.




Corporate Presentation



Corporate Presentation for an athleisure brand
A combination of pop and grunge, this presentation has an engaging design which focuses on apparel collection and features. In-depth research proves huge potential and future strategies.

A stylish and cool presentation for a chic client, the corporate presentation for Wearjukebox was built with all the ingredients of a traditional presentation but with visuals of a look book. For a fashion forward apparel company it is important that the look and feel of the presentation is attractive. We covered industry and company research with a focus on the brands story. The products were highlighted by creative designs. Future objective and strategy were mentioned with current marketing and sales results so that the presentation could be used for potential investors and partners with minimum alterations.


Included market and sales research, competitor analysis, and SWOT.


Primary focus on products, situation analysis and future strategy.


Cool, colorful and memorable. The design aims to make the content interesting.

We create premium designs and technology.

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