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Skin Rei’aya

London, U.K.

Everyone deserves the right to look after themselves well and where better to begin than the skin? Your skin is the largest organ that comes into contact with the rest of the world, acting as a primary barrier against the harsh urban environment.


Skin Rei’aya


Health & Beauty


E-Commerce Package


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Project Information

The client had an old website which was not converting well.

We started with a simple website audit and found the site was not communicating the product offer well to visitors. We redesigned the entire site with a modern responsive layout which would be more attractive to their target customer base.

We create premium designs and technology.

Are you looking to develop a high quality website?

Your website is your online home and as such it should be given the same care while construction.
A well made website can shape the story of your business, it impacts your conversions, your brand experience, and on-page seo factors. Creating your website with Redhoney is a simple, intuitive process. You get matched with one of our experts who after understanding the needs of your business, curates web designs customised for you.


Brand Colours

The client wished us to adhere to their brand guideline, which included 3 three main colours and a few accent colours.

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