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FOR8 Superfoods

FOR8 is a passion project about the sibling states of North East India. We are a group of young folks with a common dream, to bring you the purest natural products from this pristine region some of us call home 馃檪 Every day spent here would remind us of the secret wonders hidden in ancient ingredients and used in soul satisfying treats for the taste buds. These indigenous products are packed with health benefits and miraculous properties.


FOR8 Superfoods


Web Design & Development



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Website development project for a brilliant start-up
Easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing.

For8 was designed to encapsulate the spirit of North East India. The website is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing.


All pictures and the hues of purple is infact used to give a more rustic look and feel, almost transporting you to the wetlands in the sister states.


The product pages were built to maximize conversions from website visitors. We focused to build functionality of a custom blog to help the company maintain engagement with visitors


The website content aimed at providing useful information regarding superfoods and the various applications of For8 products.

This is an excellent company! I personally enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm the whole team showed in creating our website.
Mudita Akoijam, Founder, FOR8 Superfoods
We create premium designs and technology.

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