The Yard


Ziddi is born from an obstinacy to express the beauty of imperfection. Every piece is made from various upcycled materials from all over the tribal/gypsy universe. We try to restore the pieces as much as we can while retaining the vintageness. The entire effort being a handicraft, the solid and overbearing emotion, is a reminder of beauty in imperfection and all pervasive within.


The Yard Agency


Digital Agency


Web design & development


Website development for a creative agency

A website showcasing the company’s creative aptitude and strong storyboarding skills in their content production.

“What you see is what you get” is the perfect phrase to define the Yards website. Creative, cool, and concise. The website depicts the work portfolio and creative promise of the content generated by the company. It takes the visitor on a journey and leave them impressed in the end.

We create premium designs and technology.

Are you looking to develop a high quality website?

Your website is your online home and as such it should be given the same care while construction.
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