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SteamPRO is a product developed by the team at Ushmaya Wellness investing 3 decades in focused R&D on thermal-hydrotherapy. Strong product, powerful client list, in-depth wellness knowledge has made SteamPRO an industry leader. With our miniaturized technology, it is our mission to enter every household in India with the message of natural wellbeing thorough the efficient usage of water. It is possible now to have an optimized steam experience in the luxury and convenience of your own house without unnecessary hassles. Over the years it has grown into a strong vertical for the company.


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Website development for a home appliance brand
A detailed website educating the visitors on the product and its preventive healing capabilities using water wellness.

SteampPro’s website is designed to provide visitors with an ethereal experience and give a calming sensation by use of photographs and other forms of content. The website focuses on SteamPro’s products and its USP. It showcases the history of technological advances they’ve made in steam generators. The blog aims to educate visitors about Hydro Thermal Therapy; its benefits etc.


The use of greys with subtle hints of black gives the website a luxurious look and feel.


We kept the pages simple, flexible and informative.


Written to provide an important source of information regarding water wellness technology.

Great to work with. they are committed to delivering great work without any delays. Consultation regarding design and content is very useful since the team members have extensive prior experience.
Sumeer Chaddha, Director – SteamPRO
We create premium designs and technology.

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