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Choose the Right Email Sign-Off

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How often have you typed, deleted, retyped, and second-guessed your email sign-off before you finally hit send? Whether you’re trying to show gratitude (Appreciate your help on this!) or respect (Warm regards), signal next steps (Will follow up shortly), convey congeniality (Cheers!), or conclude a long dialogue (Best of luck in the future), your sign-off is key to punctuating your message. Before you choose, consider the following. First, what message are you trying to send? If you want the recipient to stop bugging you, it might be best to use a sign-off like Best of luck that suggests that the exchange is over. If you’re looking for feedback, leave the door open with something like Tell me your thoughts. Next, what’s your relationship with the recipient? Is this your work bestie, your manager, or a new client? You can adjust the level of formality accordingly. Think about organizational culture, too. If you’re working in a laid-back environment, your “Sincerely” might not land well — even if you’re talking to the boss. Finally, adjust depending on external circumstances (difficult news or family events) that could be affecting your recipient. If they’re going through something challenging, today might not be the day to sound super chipper.

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