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5 Easy Tricks to keep your blog content interesting.


Carefully crafted content is king when it comes to website performance but many sites find it difficult to retain readers attention even after creating deep content for their visitors. For small businesses and bloggers keeping visitors engaged on their website is a challenging activity.

If you are a running a website/blog and unhappy with the response of your visitors, the following content tricks will inspire you to try something new with your content:

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1. Lists

Lists are super popular because they work, both readers and search engines appreciate content formatted in easy to digest lists. Well sorted lists make it easier for readers to grasp the content quickly and decide if they want to delve into the details of the post. Ranked lists with worst to best keep readers hooked to discover the top contenders.

2. Graphs & Charts

Create a bar or line graph, or a pie chart, to highlight the most critical statistics provided in your content. Graphs and charts are essential when comparing things conceptually, or through time frames. Use color to make them stand out. Also, be sure to claim yourself as the source so that when other websites use it, you get a valuable backlink.

3. Formatting

The formatting of the post plays an important role in its readability. Visitors prefer pages which include text in bigger fonts with adequate spacing. Informative sections to be included as tables, charts or graphs. Clean headers with appropriate sub-headings are crucial for a good post. Make sure your page is mobile friendly and easy to navigate.

4. Media

Add appropriate media to go along with your content. A video related to the post content adds credibility to the content and provides visitors with multiple sources of information, an image file with each section if done effectively can add interesting perspectives to the content.

5. Interactive Sections

Adding a bit of interactive content at appropriate sections is a great way to increase visitor engagement with your website. Easy to add elements which provide some functionality to the webpage and engages visitors in trying out something new is a win-win for all.

Bonus secret: Put in the time

When creating web content, put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Invest the extra time to ensure that your content is both readable and broken up into sections. Great content answers questions and educates the reader, quickly. If you are having trouble breaking down content into digestible pieces, keep trying. Great content takes time to create but lasts forever.

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