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How to Avoid a Job Switch You’ll Later Regret

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No one wants to feel regret after taking a new job. And yet, it’s something that happens. Here are some steps you can take during the job search process to avoid that sinking feeling that you’ve made a career misstep.

  • Structure your decision-making process. Identify what’s most beneficial for you and your career long before you get to a decision point. Outline your career goals and which criteria you’ll use to decide whether to accept a job.
  • Ask exploratory questions. During your interview, ask about employee engagement, growth potential, expectations, and how long people historically stay in their roles.
  • Beware of your cognitive biases. Confirmation bias is the tendency to favor information that confirms what we already believe, like noticing and buying into stories that align with our current views. Be careful you’re not overlooking any clear warning signs.
  • Seek an insider’s perspective. Make it a priority to network with employees who work for the company you’re interested in joining, and get their view of what it’s really like on the inside.

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