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How to Keep Your Hybrid Employees Engaged

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How can you give your hybrid team both the autonomy and the flexibility they want while also encouraging togetherness? More emails and long video meetings aren’t the answer. Take steps to foster emotional connection, team bonding, and fun to compensate for the loss of proximity in the office. First, have your team put together a working agreement that covers each member’s needs — for example, when they work and how often they need to meet — so they can better support each other. Then, check in on your team members regularly, over email, chat, or in real time on the phone or video. Third, plan regular in-person offsites for collaboration-heavy work. Next, to make up for the lack of smiles, nods, and other nonverbal cues that indicate appreciation, celebrate the small wins and praise your team members frequently. Finally, get creative about sharing experiences together. You could arrange to watch a virtual musical performance together or share the same kind of meal on the same day.

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