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Mitigate Risk Before Taking a New Job

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In the midst of high inflation and a murky economic outlook, it can be hard to know whether to stay in a stable job or make a move. While you can’t entirely eliminate the risks of joining a new organization in times of global uncertainty, you can mitigate them. Here’s how.

  • Understand the industry. Read press on the company you’re interviewing for — and its competitors — to better understand sector trends and the general lay of the land.
  • Research the company. If the company is public, review its earning reports to understand its profitability, financial standing, and overall business performance. If you want even more data, join earnings calls. If the company is private, find out how it’s funded and look up the CEO’s track record.
  • Ask strategic questions during the interview process. For example, “How is the organization adjusting its hiring approach to market fluctuations?” or “Have supply chain issues impacted the business?” or “Has the company conducted layoffs during the pandemic?”
  • Talk to your network. If you know a current or former employee or have a contact who can put you in touch with someone at the company you’re interested in, ask for a meet-and-greet to pick their brain.

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