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Introduce Yourself with Confidence

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Many of us dread the self-introduction, whether it’s in an online meeting or at a boardroom table. The secret to introducing yourself with confidence, in any context, is a simple three-step process: Focus on your present, past, and future.

  • Present. Start with a present-tense statement to introduce yourself. Your name and job title is a great place to start. If there’s an opportunity to elaborate, you can also share other details such as a current project, your expertise, or your geographical location.
  • Past. Add two or three points that will provide relevant details about your background and credibility. Consider your education, past projects, employers, and accomplishments.
  • Future. Demonstrate enthusiasm for what’s ahead. If you’re in a job interview, share your eagerness about potential opportunities at the company. Or, if you’re in a meeting, express interest in what the team is setting out to accomplish.

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