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Ask These Questions to Assess a Prospective Employer’s Culture

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When applying for jobs, one of the factors that will determine your experience at a potential employer is the company culture. But how can you adequately assess what it will be like to work there during the interview process? Here are some questions to ask.

  • How would your team members describe their relationships with one another at work? Pay attention to what the hiring manager says about the dynamics on their team and whether there’s a foundation of trust. If they seem flustered, or unsure of what to say to your question, that may be a red flag.
  • How do you measure success on your team? This will help you learn about how the organization sets goals, what they believe is a realistic measure of performance, and what opportunities you’re likely to get as you grow in the role.
  • How often do you see and hear from senior leaders? Your goal here is to clarify how open or siloed communication is with the organization’s decision-makers.
  • Could you share an example of a recent project that the team worked on? What went well, and what didn’t? Hearing about a specific example will help you gain better insights into how the team accomplishes goals and holds one another accountable.

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