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How to Ask Your Job Interviewers for Feedback

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Job interviews are a great opportunity to learn about yourself, regardless of whether or not you end up getting the job. The best way to do that? Ask for feedback. Here are three ways to gather insights from your interviewers, during or after the process. Start by asking for input after your first screening call. At the end of this conversation, you might say, “Based on our conversation, how do you think my experience matches what’s needed for the job?” Then decode the answer. If they say you’ll have a second interview, ask, “Is there anything specific I should highlight based on the job description or the intangibles not listed?” If the recruiter is noncommittal about next steps, you might not be a top candidate. Once you make it past the recruiter screen, continue to ask for feedback after every round. A good question to pose is, “How do you think my skills can be leveraged to bring value to your team and the company?” The answer will reveal whether your message was clear or if you need to hone it further. If you’re in contact with a recruiter throughout the process, you can see if they have any specific suggestions about improving your interview technique. Finally, if you don’t get the job, be sure to ask about culture fit. Specifically, ask the recruiter or hiring manager, “Do you think, based on the feedback from my interviewers, that I would be a fit for future opportunities at your organisation? I wouldn’t want to waste my time or yours if it’s not a match.” You might not always receive transparent answers to these questions, but you can often read between the lines.

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