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How to create Great Landing Pages that convert

Landing pages are webpages created for a single purpose and call to action. It is a pivotal tool in any marketers toolbox. If you want to convert sales, build a mailing list or promote exclusive offers, your landing pages will define your success. They are the beginning of your marketing funnel.

5 Features of a great landing page

  1. Landing pages must be functional.
  2. Landing pages should have good accessibility.
  3. Landing pages have to be easily usable.
  4. Landing pages have to be intuitive for users.
  5. Landing pages need to be persuasive for visitors.

Landing pages are critical for gaining information from your target audience, gain their trust, build meaningful digital experiences, measure and track the performance of your digital advertising spends.

Preliminary Research

Begin by doing some preliminary research by visiting some prominent landing pages. Checkout several reputable blogs and media websites and click on their display ads and see where you land. Study these pages to understand the factors influencing their design and what works and does not work on these pages.

Here are some questions to help you better understand what you need to take of note on the pages:

  • How easily can you identify the key objective of each landing page?
  • How does the landing page differ from the home page of the same website?
  • What key components help accomplish their objective?
  • what do you like about this page?
  • What would you change?

Research Evaluation

The next step is to evaluate your experience as a landing page visitor. Using your notes consider the following notions:

  • How did the content of the landing page match the ad or promotion? Was the content unique or engaging?
  • Think about things you disliked. At any time, did you feel “turned off” or suspicious?
  • How would you like your visitors to feel after leaving your landing page?

Now that you’ve done some research and evaluated your own experience with landing pages, let’s consider these ten tips. (P.S. We would suggest getting some of your friends and contacts help you in your research by creating a questionnaire to guide them.)

Building Trust with Visitors

We have all seen and have experience with the online scammers lurking about at every corner to scam us out of our money. The fake million dollar lotteries, the Nigerian Prince email, the fake tech support and so on and so forth. All these ill-intended scammers foster an online community with a very high trust deficit.

Carter Pewterschmidt falls prey to a Nigerian scam in the seriesFamily Guy

One of the greatest obstacles for doing business online is building trust with visitors. It’s not enough to have a great product or service if your site lacks the impression of reputability and security.

Some ideas to incorporate on your landing page to build trust:
  • Customer testimonials
  • Press Releases
  • Guarantee Seals
  • Third party trust images
  • Clear call to action
  • Security certification

Clear the Clutter

When it comes to your landing page, keep your design approach simple. Simplicity in design is praised for a reason. It takes some bravery to decide what to exclude— what to include is the easy part. Consider sticking to good design principles.

Also, the purpose of a landing page is to get visitors to perform a single, specific action. Too many links within your landing page will ultimately take visitors away from your landing page. So, if you must link away from the landing page, have a plan to get them back to the original landing page. A simple minimal UI is the easiest to understand and the most accessible for all individuals.

Edit your copy

Keep your grammar in check and avoid any spelling errors in your copy. Develop a process to re-read your copy multiple times and if possible have someone else read through it a few times as well. Take this very seriously.

You can consider these helpful tips:

  • Consider using Grammarly
  • Take your time and read the content aloud.
  • Google the “three sets of eyes rule”.
  • Change the font size a few times between readings.

Above the fold content

Consider keeping all the crucial elements of your landing page (headline, testimonial, call-to-action etc.) above the fold. Keep the scrolling required from the user to the bare minimum, if at all required. People enjoy low attention spans and it is our job as marketers to keep our pitches as friction less as possible.

Core Web Vitals

Landing page loading speed, memory usage, dependencies, caching policy, readability scores, navigation setup, clickable elements, clarity of object all combine and make up your vital performance standards. Make sure your landing page is adhering to all the best practices. Visit PageSpeed Insights and check your landing page performance with tools from google.

Common landing page pitfalls to avoid

  • Too much text
  • Non-descriptive Headlines
  • Multiple call to action prompts.
  • Lack of evidence or social proof.
  • Un-impactful content/media.

In conclusion, good content leads to great conversion and our job is to help you through that process. Understanding user behaviour for measurable gains to your pipeline through technology and analytics will guarantee improved performance and higher confidence in your marketing activities.

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