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How to Handle On-Camera Meeting Anxiety

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On-camera meetings aren’t going away, and they can be particularly nerve-wracking if you’re an anxious person. Here are some ways to manage the stress of a big virtual meeting. Start by identifying what you can control. This could include blocking off your schedule so you have enough time to prepare notes in advance. Next, focus your attention. Before the meeting, try splashing cold water on your face, humming, breathing deeply and producing a long exhale, or bringing to mind a dear friend or loved one. Props can help, too, such as a fidget toy or stress ball — anything that will help you feel grounded. Finally, to the extent that you can, pace your workday and workweek around the big virtual meetings that bring you stress. For example, you may prefer to have meeting-packed days followed by Zoom-free days to recharge. Or, if you prefer, try scheduling no more than two virtual meetings per day to keep a consistent pace. Figure out what cadence makes sense for you, communicate it to your colleagues, and try to stick to it.

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