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In Uncertain Times, Lead Your Team with Selflessness, Courage, and Transparency

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The past two years have presented unique challenges for managers as they’ve tried to reassure and focus employees in the face of constant uncertainty, while often struggling with their own stress and burnout. How can you continue to provide a clear and upbeat message to your team in the face of ongoing challenges? Managing your team through ambiguous times is all about effectively managing yourself. Start by watching out for your ego. Because it’s committed to self-interest and self-preservation, your ego can dampen your ability to be adaptable in an unpredictable environment. Keeping it in check will give you the freedom to make mistakes, put others’ needs before your own, and admit to being human. Next, choose courage over comfort when making difficult decisions. A courageous choice can leave you feeling vulnerable to failure, but it also sets an example for the rest of your team. And finally, practice compassionate transparency. This means being open and honest with your team about what’s on your mind and in your heart — and crucially, not holding back important information because you’re afraid of how it will be received.

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