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Interject with Tact in a Virtual Meeting

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Getting a word in during virtual meetings can be challenging, but it’s a skill worth cultivating. Here are some strategies to help you tactfully interject.

  • Signal your interest. To avoid coming off as disruptive, signal your desire to contribute by using the “raise hand” feature on your meeting software, unmuting yourself or turning on your camera, typing in the chat to say you’d like to chime in, or gently raising your hand if you’re on video.
  • Try the “pass the baton” strategy. In advance of the video meeting, review the agenda and let the organizer know where you’d like to contribute. That way, they can call on you at the appropriate time.
  • Look for natural transition points. When there’s a natural break in the conversation, or when someone else is done speaking, try jumping in with: “Great point. Before we move on, let me add ABC,” or, “Actually, there’s something I need to say here…,” or, “I’m glad you brought that up. I’d like to add XYZ.”

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