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Invest in Women’s Health

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When you look at rates of pregnancy-related death, preventable death, chronic health conditions, and mental health care needs, it’s clear that there is a women’s health crisis in the U.S. Employers can play an instrumental role in combating it. Here are three measures your organization can take.

  • Provide quality health insurance. Seek comprehensive insurance plans that include coverage for pregnancy, access to safe abortion, childbirth, and postpartum care without high deductibles.
  • Offer paid parental leave. Paid leave doesn’t just benefit maternal and infant health; it benefits everyone. What’s more, research shows that longer paid parental leave keeps more women in the workforce.
  • Redesign the workplace to support women. Consider offering on-site, subsidized child care, spaces for pumping breaks and breastfeeding, and flexible work-hour arrangements to accommodate appointments and caregiving responsibilities.

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