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Run Better Virtual Meetings

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Leading productive meetings is an essential skill for managers — especially when you’re managing a remote or hybrid team. But many people have gotten lazy about keeping up good meeting practices, especially when they’re virtual. Here are some tactics to use. Ahead of time, prepare a detailed agenda. Think about what you want to accomplish during the meeting: What questions need to be answered? What outcomes do you expect? How will you delegate the tasks among attendees? Before you start the call, take five minutes to make sure your internet, microphone, and camera are all working properly. Then begin the call by checking in with everyone and introducing any new team members. You can also use the first few minutes to set a clear protocol for how to speak up or share ideas. For instance, remind people to use the “raise-hand” emoji or to use the chat feature. As you speak, ensure your talking points are actionable and that your expectations for the meeting are clear. Close with a concise summary of what needs to be done next and how you plan to track the outcomes or deliverables discussed. And finally, after the meeting ends, organize your notes and send them to the team so that your next steps are documented.

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