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To Tackle Boring Tasks, Direct Your Attention Elsewhere

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There’s no escaping boring tasks. While you may do your best to fill your schedule with engaging activities, the reality is that we all have menial, yet critical, assignments at work. So how can you power through them? Research suggests one strategy is to pair the boring item on your to-do list with another activity that keeps your mind engaged — the same way you might listen to music or podcasts while at the gym or doing your laundry. Managers can apply this concept by encouraging workers to listen to an audiobook while filing paperwork, watch a video while cleaning their desks, or read a news article while stuffing envelopes. And companies might pay for an audiobook or music streaming service to give your employees something to listen to while they tackle monotonous tasks. This simple strategy can empower anyone to stick with the work they know they should be doing, boosting personal productivity and organizational success.

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