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What to Consider Before Starting a Side Hustle

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Do you want to make more money? Many people start a side hustle to supplement their income. But is the extra time and effort worth it? To answer that question, identify exactly why you want to start a side gig. Do you want to pay off debt, boost your emergency fund, or invest? Do you want to build a business that will eventually turn you into a full-time entrepreneur? Keeping your goal top of mind will help you narrow down potential options. Next, be clear on your skills and interests. Ask yourself: What’s something I’m willing to spend time and energy on? What do I care about most in and outside of work? When you have an idea, do some research. The mark of a successful business or product is its ability to meet a need, serve a community, or solve a problem. Make sure your idea does one of these three things. Finally, be patient — and know when to pivot. Your first foray might not be the one that helps you achieve the goals you set out, but chances are that you’ll gain insights, resources, and connections to support you in your next venture.

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