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What to Say in Your Goodbye Email

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In many workplaces, it’s custom to send around a goodbye note when you’re leaving. This isn’t just best practice; it’s a good way to acknowledge and thank your team, department, or organization before you go. But what exactly should you say? Begin by announcing that it’s your last day, and stating what you valued most about your time working at the company, and more specifically, within your team or department. Recap some highlights of your tenure — specific projects or achievements — and acknowledge others who’ve made your experience great. Don’t go into a laundry list though. It’s best to keep this note short to respect the reader’s time. Describe what you’ll be doing next and what you’re looking forward to. If you’re uncertain about what you’re doing next, you can state that in your message. The key is to frame your immediate post-departure plans in a positive light. Finally, if you’re open to your colleagues reaching out after your departure, include your contact information and encourage them to stay in touch.

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