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Ensure Your Hiring Process Isn’t Costing You Talent

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Today’s job seekers have lost patience with ever-cumbersome hiring processes. They know that they are in demand, and they want to see that employers recognize their value. So how can you ensure your hiring process isn’t causing you to lose good candidates? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my time-to-decision fast enough? Most applicants lose interest in a job just two weeks after the first interview. So, look for ways to speed up your process and eliminate wasted time.
  • Am I sharing enough information about company culture? A job interview is a two-way street: Informing candidates about the company and role is just as important as learning about their skills and experience. To help job seekers decide if your company is a good fit, ensure that each step of your hiring process reflects your culture.
  • Is my communication timely, respectful, and valuable? In addition to being swift and friendly, consider providing genuine feedback to every candidate at the end of the interview process. This is a relatively easy way to provide value to every candidate, even if the ones that don’t end up getting the job.

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