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Help Your Younger Employees Feel Connected and Supported

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New research shows that half of young people worldwide have experienced mental health decline and a deterioration of their “social self“ in the wake of the pandemic. As a leader, how can you prioritize your youngest employees and give them the support they need?

  • Put mental health front and center.  Go beyond offering a meditation app and make mental health a priority in your policies and programs. This might include covering therapy costs or giving a stipend for mental health services, as well as offering competitive pay (commensurate with rising inflation), expanded family leave policies, and additional compensation for ERG and DEI work.
  • Make onboarding a community-building exercise. Onboarding is an opportunity to showcase your culture of mutual support and well-being to new recruits. Focus less on delivering information and more on fostering relationships and connection.
  • Offer coaching. Employees thrive in environments where they can learn and grow. Consider providing one-on-one coaching sessions with external professionals, career workshops, attendance at leadership meetings, or peer-mentoring programs, which studies have shown foster meaningful connections.

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