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Make Work More Fun

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Is having fun at work important? Short answer: Yes! Research suggests that fun has a positive impact on employee engagement, creativity, and retention. So, how can you make it part of your workday?

  • Gamify your to-do list. As soon as you finish a task, reward yourself with something small — take a walk, call a friend, or buy yourself a treat.
  • Switch things up. Making simple changes can give you a fresh perspective. For example, try putting challenging work tasks on post-it notes so that you can squish them into balls and toss them in the trash when you complete them.
  • Create a soundtrack to your workday. Build different playlists for different types of tasks. Matching your energy and rhythm to the music can be an effective way to build some positive momentum throughout the day.
  • Vary your location. Are things starting to feel boring? Head over to your favorite coffee shop to finish your workday — or better yet, take your next phone call on a walk. A temporary relocation can be restorative, rejuvenating, and, well, fun!

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