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Yet Another Change? Support Your Team Through It

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Re-orgs, leadership transitions, new technologies. Change is anxiety-inducing, and you can’t rely on your team members’ individual resilience to get through. As a manager, it’s important that you address change exhaustion at the collective level. Here are four practices that can help. First, pause to acknowledge when a significant change is happening, and the discomfort that comes with it. For example, if your organization is altering its return-to-office plan, don’t jump right into logistics. Instead, stop to recognize the emotional toll the shift might be taking on your people. Make it a priority to set aside time in an upcoming meeting for people to share their feelings, voice concerns, and ask questions. Second, help your team adopt a growth mindset. Model for your team that it’s normal to be continuously evolving by using phrases like, “I am a person who is learning how to __.” Third, make a plan — but be ready to deviate from it. By adopting a more flexible mindset, you can help your people get less frustrated when things inevitably shift. And lastly, invest in simple rituals that the team can do together to reduce stress. Something as simple as adding a routine meditation or lunch break to your team’s calendar can make a big difference, especially when it feels like the ground keeps moving under their feet.

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