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Treat Others as They’d Like to Be Treated

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We’ve all heard the so-called Golden Rule: “Treat others as you’d like to be treated.” The problem? Not everyone is just like you. It’s time to adopt a new Golden Rule: “Treat others as they’d like to be treated.” To put this new mindset into practice in the workplace, start by challenging your assumptions about the people you’re working with. Ask yourself, “Are my assumptions based on my own experiences and preferences at work?” Next, ask questions — and really listen. For example, you might ask a new colleague, “How do you prefer to communicate?” Or if you’re starting a new project with someone you’ve never collaborated with, you could ask them, “In what format do you need the information about this project?” If your colleague’s preferences differ from yours, pursue a solution that works for everyone. Look for any common denominator. You might not be able to agree on everything, but try agreeing on just one thing. A small win-win will make both of you feel respected and seen.

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